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Onda was created to address the difficulty associated with renting different types of surfboards. Surfing is a sport that allows for a lot of individuality in how a wave is ridden. This is why the type of board used can have drastic effects on what can be done in different type of waves. We were unsatisfied with the current options available in order to rent boards so we created Onda, a peer to peer surfboard rental platform.

Although Onda's base interaction is surfboard rentals, our goal is to generate a community in which value is added for everybody involved (from surf shops, local shapers, surfers, to the beaches we all love so much). Surfing is on the cusp of becoming an internationally respected sport, as it was recently added to the Olympics. 


One of Onda's priorities is to bring back a focus on locally made surfboards. Recently, cheap boards made overseas have been gaining popularity. This is detrimental to the sport as it removes the craftmanship aspect of shaping surfboards. Hand made surfboards also last longer and contribute less to trash accumulating in our oceans. At Onda we believe that sharing these hand made boards is a better idea than buying cheap boards to throw away in a year.



We look forward to hearing from you.


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