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  • Who am I renting a surfboard from?
    If you are renting a surfboard through the Onda Application you are being connected to local surfers who are offering their board up for rental, so please treat the boards as if they were your own. We offer The Onda Insurance Guarantee in order for the board and the user to be protected from any possible damage or wear and tear costs.
  • What happens if my board is damaged by a renter?
    The Onda Insurance Guarantee can cover damage caused by renters. The option to use the Onda Insurance is given when a board is added in My Boards. Please read more about this on the Legal Page.
  • Why should I rent from Onda instead of a Surf Shop?
    Onda offers digital booking, guaranteeing that you have a board for you at any moment that you wish to surf. Onda also offers a greater range of boards than is available for rent at most surf shops.
  • Does it cost me anything to list a surfboard?
    No, listing your surfboard is completely free! Onda only gets paid when you do. When you approve a request and the surfer pays for the reservation, we take a 7.5% cut of your listing fee for payment processing and taxes. You also have the option to pay 7.5% cut of your listing fee for the Onda Insurance Guarantee coverage.
  • What if I can only rent my surfboard out certain days?
    No problem! When a surfboard is requested for rent, you will be given the opportunity to accept or decline it. If a request is not convenient for you, you can decline it.
  • What if someone gets injured or my property is damaged while renting my surfboard?
    Before confirming any reservation, the surfer has to agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This agreement offers you protection against injury to the surfer. If you opted for the Onda Insurance Guarantee, the damage to your property is covered. Learn more about the Onda Insurance Guarantee. As the host (surfer renting out their surfboard), you are not responsible if the surfer gets injured on your board, as long as the surfboard satisfies the eligibility requirements outlined in our terms.
  • What if my surfboard gets damaged while rented?
    If your surfboard is damaged while rented, you will need to file a insurance request through our contact at With the Onda Insurance Guarantee we will take care of getting you the reimbursement to fix your surfboard up to $1,000. We cannot accept any claims that are reported after 24 hours from the end of the rental period.
  • What if my surfboard is stolen?
    If your surfboard is stolen, please contact us at to file an insurance request. We cannot accept any claims that are reported after 24 hours from the end of the rental period. We are committed to keeping fully protected, comfortable, and we'll always do our best to help you out in whatever way possible.
  • Can I select specific dates that my ride is available?
    We do not have this functionality yet but don't worry, if a surfer’s request is not convenient for you, you can always decline it without any repercussions.
  • Can I list the same surfboard multiple times with different addresses?
    Yes! You can certainly list the same ride in different places. If you have a surfboard that you keep at home and at the beach, you can list it at both locations. Many of our users create a listing at their home and add an additional listing near their work in case a surfer wants to pick it up from there. Generally speaking, the more convenient your surfboard location is, the more likely you are to get surfers.
  • Is there a minimum listing price I need to charge surfers?
    Hosts are required to charge at least $5 per day for their surfboards - the average price per day can range from $20-50. We don't approve any surfboards priced under $5.
  • Can I accept cash from a surfer?
    No, you cannot accept cash for Onda rentals. We require that all payments be made via credit card since they give us a valid form of verification. Your ride will not be covered under the Onda Insurance Guarantee if the transaction does not happen through our mobile app.
  • Why was my surfboard removed from the app?
    We unlist a surfboard after three reservation requests have come and gone without a login or response from the host. This is to prevent users from listing all their surfboards and forgetting to respond to requests. Hosts who don't reply hurt not only us but themselves as well, because it takes away from their listing credibility. If your surfboard was unlisted and you decide to relist, simply log in and relist your surfboard on the app.
  • Can I list my surfboard for sale on Onda?
    Unfortunately, we currently don’t currently allow sales on Onda.
  • I need a surfboard. How do I find it?
    Download the Onda app to your phone. Once you sign in and input your payment information you will be available to request a surfboard to rent.
  • Can I request more than one surfboard at once?
    Yes. Although when you do book a surfboard, please remember to cancel or close your other requests so other hosts are not left hanging, thinking you want their surfboard.
  • What do I do if the host doesn't respond?
    A big priority for us is to increase the percentage of requests that turn into confirmed bookings. Of course, we realize that things come up. Hosts can be on vacation, away from WIFI, or unable to respond due to their regular day job needs. You can also report a rental if a host has not responded and we will make sure the account is still active.
  • If I searched and there are no surfboards available, what should I do?"
    Tell your friends to upload their surfboards to populate the app.
  • Can I ask a host to deliver the surfboard?
    Most hosts prefer to have you pick up the surfboard where it is listed, but some are willing to deliver their surfboard, or meet somewhere in the middle. Feel free to figure it out with the host to agree on the pickup and dropoff location.
  • Can I ask for a discount?
    No, we do not currently offer that functionality.
  • Do I have insurance with Onda when I rent?
    Surfers are recommended to get the Onda Insurance Guarantee when they request a ride. This way, you can enjoy peace of mind while you go shred! If the guarantee is not selected, the surfer will be fully held accountable for any damage or theft that happens to the surfboard during the reservation.
  • Need to file a claim?
    Please file all insurance requests at
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