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Insurance Guarantee

Last revised: July 12, 2021

Onda Rent LLC. and its subsidiaries (collectively, “Onda”, “we”, or “us”) care about creating an environment of trust where both the hosts and surfers feel confident renting surfboards through the Services. This Insurance Guarantee describes our insurance and protection plans in detail for hosts and surfers.

Onda Insurance Guarantee

The Onda Insurance Guarantee covers hosts during Rentals using the Onda platform only and is not a replacement for homeowners or renters insurance. Hosts have the choice to select the Onda Insurance Guarantee on board creation or use their own insurance if they choose to opt out. Surfers may purchase the Onda Insurance at checkout of a rental. Surfers not covered by the Onda Guarantee are responsible for any damage, loss or theft that occurs during the Rental. Onda is not responsible for any "Loss of Use" and loss of rental revenue due to a theft or damage to your ride.

Listing Guidelines for Onda Guarantee eligibility

  • Surfboard photographs shall be accurate and current. High-resolution images are preferred.

  • Listing shall have multiple photographs of the surfboard. Include pictures of the individual components of the surfboard - fin boxes, stringer, leash box, rails, pressure dings, etc.

  • Description shall include accurate detail about the model, year, make, shaper and original price of the surfboard.

  • All descriptive details such as surfboard type, dimensions, conditions, extras, etc. shall be filled out.

  • All accessories such as leash, fins, etc. shall be explicitly stated in the description to be eligible for coverage.

  • Rental pricing shall follow appropriate market price compared to the value of the ride. For example, a $1,000 surfboard shall not be rented out for $1.00 per day.

Note: For high-value ($1000+) items, we recommend you contact customer service before listing to ensure your ride will be covered by the guarantee.

Onda will make a final decision on your claim, in its sole discretion, based on the coverage and eligibility requirements set forth above, and any additional information provided during the dispute resolution process or any other information Onda deems relevant and appropriate under the circumstances.

The purpose of the Onda Guarantee is to create an environment of trust where hosts feel comfortable renting surfboards to unknown surfers. You may read more about Onda’s Terms of Service here.

Host Protection Plans

Hosts have an option on whether to choose the Onda Guarantee host protection plan or supply their own insurance. Commercial Hosts such as surf shops can opt out of getting the protection plan. This relieves Onda of any requirement to the host in the event that the surfer damages the surfboard they rented out. The Onda Guarantee host protection plan covers accidentals up to $1,000 USD when renting out a surfboard. Please see our full Terms of Service for more information on how we evaluate this.

Host Fees

Hosts renting their surfboards out through Onda will be faced by a 7.5% for processing and tax fees as well as the 7.5% Onda Guarantee Protection Plan if it is selected. These fees will be subtracted from the full price of the surf trip. The host will pocket the remainder of the surf trip price. 

Surfer Protection Plans

Onda offers an Onda Guarantee protection plan for surfers renting out a surfboard through our Services. This protection plan covers accidentals up to $1,000 USD when renting out a surfboard. Please see our full Terms of Service for more information on how we evaluate this.


Surfer Fees

Surfers renting a surfboard through Onda will be faced with the full cost of the surf trip as well as 7.5% for processing and tax fees and 7.5% for the Onda Guarantee protection plan.

Insurance Request

Please file any damage, theft, or loss claims through our contact page at

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